Our Bond Cleaning Guarantee means that we will return free of charge to rectify any issue the Managing Agent has with the cleaning provided by Us within the bounds of these Terms and Conditions and our Inclusions and Exclusions.
Our guarantee doesn’t apply if other trade person (carpet cleaners from other company or blind cleaners from other companies) performs any job after final cleaning and before inspection.
Our Bond Cleaning Guarantee only applies to the Service You have engaged Us for.  Our Guarantee only covers the bond clean. Carpets would be excluded from our Bond Cleaning Guarantee.
Our bond guarantee does not include certain items. Please see our Bond Cleaning Inclusions and Exclusions in quote section for a complete list of the Service items. For instance,Ceilings,bi-fold windows(mirrors),window glass shutters, blinds(can be done excluded to bond cleaning agreed by customers) , grouting in tiles, security screens,Garage walls or deep stains that require a professional third party to clean are not included in the Bond Cleaning Guarantee.
A re-clean will only be applicable upon receipt of a report from the Managing Agent clearly listing the problems with the clean along with the images.
We require 24-48 working Hours, dated from the receipt of the report from the Managing Agent to reschedule a re-clean if required.
A re-clean will only address the problems listed in the property manager / agents original report if applicable.
After a re-clean We will warrant any work for one day. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, if we have not heard from the Managing Agent within 4 hours after, We will consider the re-clean to have addressed any issues under the Bond Cleaning Guarantee and consider the job completed as per our Terms and Conditions.
Until commencement and finalisation of this Service, these Terms and Conditions still apply (Whether the service is a clean, re-clean or the waiting period between re-cleans and inspections)
All re-cleans are subjected to these Terms and Conditions.
All Customers acknowledge that our Bond Return Guarantee is only applicable if you contact us within 7 calendar days of the performed Service.
We do not guarantee for natural events occurring over time. Items such as (but not limited to) settled dust, water marks, open windows, doors etc. An empty house can accumulate dust very quickly and is susceptible to dead insects and alike. We do not guarantee anything arising from these events including all aspects of the Bond Return Guarantee.
The Bond Return Guarantee is deemed null and void if the property does not remain vacant after our cleaners have cleaned the premise. The only exceptions to this clause is if carpets are cleaned by a qualified carpet cleaner authorised by Us or you have an agreement in writing from Us.
You MUST book your bond clean to be performed once all the furniture is removed, the premise is not inhabited and all the necessary maintenance or other work to the premises has been completed.
We will not be responsible for any incident that could be classified as an Act-of-God e.g. flood, storm, fire earthquake, cyclone and similar.