Bond Cleaning Brisbane


Looking for the best value bond cleaning in Brisbane? Are you moving out of your property and looking for professional bond cleaners? Go no further. Why not contact Roo Bond Cleaning Brisbane and ask for our professional Bond cleaning team. We work with many real estate agents all over Brisbane and we know their cleaning requirements before you vacate the property. Our end of lease cleaning Brisbane / bond cleaning Brisbane includes everything you need to get your bond money back in full.

At Roo Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we understand how important it to clean your rented house and apartment in order to get your bond back. Roo Bond Cleaning is equipped with all modern and traditional infrastructures that are trusted for the best result. We have the best team of professional Brisbane bond cleaners who possess years of experience and highly trained. Apart from quality and on time bond cleaning service we use quality cleaning products which are eco-friendly as well as friendly to your Pet. We never make any compromise on the quality at any cost, and that is why we have been preferred by the residents of almost all the leading cities in Australia.

Bond Cleaning Services at Roo Bond Cleaning Brisbane: The Checklist

  • Top to bottom cleaning that includes virtually everything.
  • Thorough vacuum and mop of all floors
  • Entire Kitchen including – cooktops, pantry, oven, dishwasher, cupboards
  • Entire Bathrooms including shower recess, sink, bathtub, toilet
  • Mould removal from all areas of the home, especially bathroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning of Ceiling fans, Light Fittings, Air conditioning installations
  • Removal of Cobweb and other such growths.
  • Windows fittings including screens and frames
  • Cleaning and polishing mirrors
  • Laundry – surfaces, sink, cupboards
  • Cleaning of wardrobes, walk in robes and linen closets

Why choose our professional Bond cleaning in Brisbane?

If you are looking for professional bond cleaning in Brisbane, then you need not to look further because we have the best bond cleaners in Brisbane. We offer the best and effective bond cleaning in Brisbane within your budget. Our Brisbane bond cleaners can go any extent to meet the expectations of your landlord or property manager that helps you to get your bond money back. Our bond cleaning in Brisbane provides you 100% bond back guarantee and free re-clean in 7 days in case of any issue with the bond cleaning service.

Here is what makes Roo Bond Cleaning Brisbane different from others:

  • Impeccable cleaning: Our Brisbane bond cleaners are well known for their comprehensive bond cleaning in Brisbane. You need not to worry about anything after booking our service.
  • Professional and Trained: Our Brisbane bond cleaners are highly trained for providing superior quality bond cleaning service in Brisbane and surround areas.
  • Climate-friendly: We are fully aware about the impacts of chemical based products that is why we only use eco-friendly and chemical free products to keep the environment and our bond cleaners safe.
  • Budget friendly: We have customized pricing policy according to your requirement. To get your free upfront quote call us on 0404 716 516.
  • Safe and secure service: We provides 100% bond back guarantee and free re-clean in 7 days for bond cleaning in Brisbane if your landlord or property manager is not satisfied with our bond cleaning service.
  • Transparent Pricing Policy: We have a transparent pricing policy and don’t charge extra from our customers. We don’t have any hidden charges except what will be given to you in your quote.
  • On time service: Our Brisbane bond cleaners are very punctual for the time and they will inform you in advance if there will be any delay because of unavoidable circumstances.
  • Innovative and time saving: We have advanced tools and machines which not only save your time but also provide an excellent cleaning service.
  • Smart, friendly and supportive: Our bond cleaners in Brisbane are friendly and supportive by nature. They can go to any extent to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their service.

The following services constitute our bond cleaning in Brisbane:

We have been constantly providing the best and reliable bond cleaning service for the residents of Brisbane which has made us a trustworthy name in the industry. There are many services which are included in bond cleaning. Generally we cover all the areas which are written in the quote. For an instance these are the services we provide:

  • Thorough vacuuming and washing of the floor
  • Removal of cobwebs, insect marks and small nest where pest control is not warranted
  • Extensive cleaning of the kitchen including shelves, sink, cupboards, fittings (Including taps) etc.
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave, oven, dishwasher and freeze
  • Removal of stains from floor and walls
  • Washing of balconies floor and railing
  • Impeccable cleaning of lights, ceiling fans, oven, microwave, air conditioners and other appliances.
  • Clean bath, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens & soap holder
  • We will clean inside and outside of windows and window glasses (exclusion applies at heights and accessibility).
  • Consummate cleaning of bathrooms and polish all taps and towel rails
  • Supreme and meticulous cleaning and polishing of doors and windows
  • All kinds of curtains and blind cleaning with high level dusting that is difficult to reach
  • Remove all the rubbish from the property
  • Making sure that skirting boards are free of any marks or dust

We serve all the nearby suburbs :

 Our bond cleaners in Brisbane are highly professional, insured and licensed. Their only aim is to get you back your 100% bond money by providing excellent bond cleaning service in Brisbane. Following are the nearby areas where our bond cleaning service is available:

  • North Lakes
  • Everton Hills
  • Nundah
  • Stafford
  • Bracken Ridge
  • Kallangur
  • Mango Hill
  • Griffin
  • Keperra
  • Redcliffe

FAQs about Bond Cleaning Brisbane:

Do you provide any bond back guarantee?

Yes, we at Roo bond cleaning provides 100% bond back guarantee for 7 days (Terms & conditions applied). We can go any limits to satisfy our customers and we also provide free re-clean within 7 days, if your landlord or property manager is not fully satisfied with our service. It also allows our customers to trust us without getting worried about their bond money.

How can I trust unknown people with my property?

Our Brisbane bond cleaners are fully insured and licensed. They are highly trained professionals who know how to do their work hassle-free. We have been serving the residents of Brisbane for a long time and we are known as the most trustworthy service in the area. Thus you can rest assured about you and your property safety. We are the most recommended service in Brisbane by most of the tenants and landlords.

Which cleaning methods do you use for bond cleaning?

We believe in eco-friendly cleaning service methods. We know the impact of the chemical based products on the environment and also these products can harm our bond cleaners health that’s why we don’t use any chemical based products during the whole cleaning process. You don’t need to worry about the quality of cleaning as our natural products are also equally capable in magnificent cleaning and also these products don’t deface the fragile exteriors of the fixtures in the house.

Do you need anything from us for cleaning?

We are fully equipped and don’t need any help from the tenants except electricity and water to clean all the premises. If you are not willing to provide us these basic amenities then we will bring our own generator and water tank which will be added as extra cost in your quote.

Which parts of the Brisbane do you provide bond cleaning service?

We serve the entire city of Brisbane and its adjoining area, including the suburbs of North Lakes, Everton Hills, Nundah, Stafford, Bracken Ridge, Kallangur, Mango Hill, Griffin, Keperra, Redcliffe and others. You can contact our support team to book our bond cleaning service in any of these suburbs.

How can I book your bond cleaning service?

It’s very easy to book our bond cleaning in Brisbane. Either you can book our service by sending a request for an upfront quote or you can directly call us on 0404 716 516.

Book Bond Cleaning in Brisbane North Lakes, Nundah, Bracken Ridge & Stafford:

To hire professional bond cleaners in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast call 0404 716 516 or request a service directly online via the form.  Save yourself time and hassle by hiring expert bond cleaner – Roo Bond Cleaning Brisbane. We service areas in and around North brisbane, North Lakes, Griffin, Chermside, Deception Bay, Paddington, Ashgrove, Redcliffe area, Nundah and Strathpine. Not only we will provide you the best rate that your budget, you will also receive the best possible Bond cleaning service in North brisbane, North Lakes, Griffin, Redcliffe area, Nundah, Strathpine, Chermside, Deception Bay, Paddington, Ashgrove, Bracken Ridge, Stafford, Kallangur, Mango Hill, Keperra & Everton Hills. 100% Bond Back Guarantee. Roo bond cleaning services available 7 days week. Our bond cleaning checklist is approved by the real estate agencies.

All our Brisbane bond cleaning services are guaranteed to you and your property manager for 7 days from the day we finish your bond clean. If in the event that your property manager is not happy with an area in the home we will return free of charge within 24 hours to rectify any issues covered in our cleaning list.